Fletcher Custom Pistols, LLC Custom work on 1911 pistols, Browning Hi-Powers and Smith & Wesson revolvers

1911 custom pistols are a specialty in which I take great pride.  Custom 1911 work can be performed on your quality base pistol (Colt, Kimber, Springfield Armory, etc.) or oversize frame (Caspian, Les Baer, STI, Wilson Combat).  Only the highest quality parts are used and precisely fitted.  Services can be performed as listed below or a complete full custom 1911 pistol can be built that is tailored to meet your needs.  All  full custom 1911's are quoted in complete detail so you will know exactly what you are getting.  A tremendous amount of effort is directed into handcrafting every 1911 to give you a truly personalized and professionally fitted handgun.
1911 Pistol Action Work

Standard Carry Trigger Job (Series 70/80):  4 - 4 1/2# (uses stock parts if suitable)                                     $100.00
Match/Competition Trigger Job (Series 70 Gov't Models only):  3 1/2#                                                        $125.00
     (replacement of factory trigger, hammer, sear, disconnector, sear spring and
     hammer spring may be required pending inspection and are not included)
Fit Match Trigger                                                                                                                                         $35.00

Reliability & Function

Reliability Package                                                                                                                                       $135.00
Detail strip, clean & lube; gauge chamber dimensions; polish feed ramp; throat
barrel chamber; debur, chamfer & smooth breech face; polish slide disconnect
rail; debur firing pin hole; chamfer, polish and set extractor tension; inspect
ejector; inspect plunger tube; check thumb, grip and disconnector safeties; test fire
for function.

Detail Strip, Clean, Lube & Inspect                                                                                                                $55.00
Polish Feed Ramp & Throat Barrel Chamber                                                                                                  $45.00
Chamfer, Polish and Tune Extractor                                                                                                                $30.00
Install Extended Ejector                                                                                                                                  $30.00
Install Extended Magazine Release                                                                                                                 $20.00
Install Ambidextrous Magazine Release                                                                                                          $25.00
Install Oversize Firing Pin Stop                                                                                                                       $30.00
Detent Slide Stop                                                                                                                                         *$15.00
Flush Cut Slide Stop Pin and Countersink Frame                                                                                          *$50.00


A precision fit match grade barrel and match grade bushing will give the greatest accuracy improvement in a pistol.  I use methods of fitting I learned from Master Pistolsmiths Jack Weigand and Jim Stroh using precision measuring instruments in conjunction with machine work and final hand fitting.

Tighten & Lap Slide to Frame Fit (carbon steel frames only)                                                                     **$150.00
Fit Match Grade Standard Non-Ramped Barrel                                                                                           $150.00
Fit Match Grade Ramped Barrel (does not include machining frame for ramp)                                               $175.00
Fit Match Grade Bushing                                                                                                                                $40.00
Machine Frame for Ramped Barrel                                                                                                             *$100.00
Recrown Barrel Muzzle                                                                                                                                  $35.00

Frame Modifications

High Cut Front Strap                                                                                                                                    **75.00
Bevel Magazine Well                                                                                                                                    *$65.00
Install and Blend Smith & Alexander Magazine Well                                                                                     *$75.00
Stake and Loctite Plunger Tube                                                                                                                    *$25.00
Recontour Front Strap for High Grip                                                                                                         **$125.00
Bobtail Conversion                                                                                                                                   **$125.00


Beavertail grip safeties are precison fitted and blended into the frame giving a very comfortable grip that fits well in the hand.  Springfield Armory (and some Caspian) frames require a .220" radius (Smith & Alexander or Wilson Comnbat) grip safety for best fit due to the Springfield frame tang configuration.

Fit and Blend Beavertail Grip Safety (Comander style hammer required)                                                     **$85.00
Fit Extended Thumb Safety                                                                                                                            $35.00
Fit Ambidextrous Thumb Safety                                                                                                                     $55.00

Slide Modifications

Lower and Flare Ejection Port                                                                                                                      *$65.00
Machine Slide for Reverse Recoil Plug                                                                                                          *$35.00
Mill Front Cocking Serrations (to match rear)                                                                                           **$115.00
Mill Flat and Serrate Top of Slide (30 or 40 LPI)                                                                                     **$135.00

Sight Work

Sights will be installed to the centerline of the slide unless test firng is requested.

Mill Slide for Bo-Mar Style Adjustable Rear Sight (low mounted)                                                               *$125.00
Mill Slide for Novak Lo-Mount Rear Sight                                                                                                   *$65.00
Mill Slide for Heinie Rear Sight                                                                                                                     *$75.00
Mill Slide for Dovetail Front Sight                                                                                                                 *$35.00
Install Factory Type Replacement Front and Rear Sights (direct replacement)                                                  $30.00
Widen Rear Sight Notch Width                                                                                                                      $20.00
Test fire and zero sights to point of aim at 15 yards with commercial FMJRN                                                  $45.00
ammunition (includes ammunition).

The Art of Metal Work

Checkering is offered only on full custom pistol projects.

Checker Front Strap - 20 LPI (add $25.00 for stainless)                                                                          **$250.00
Checker Front Strap - 25 or 30 LPI (add $25.00 for stainless)                                                                 **$275.00
Checker Bottom of Trigger Guard (30 or 40 LPI)                                                                                       **$65.00
Dehorn Entire Pistol for Carry (lightly radius all sharp edges for smooth, no-snag,                                        **$90.00
no-cut feel;  done entirely by hand)
Serrate Slide Rear (40 LPI)                                                                                                                          *$55.00
Checker Slide Rear (40 LPI)                                                                                                                        *$75.00

* Minor refinishing will be cold blued.               ** Complete refinishing required.

All prices listed in the service schedules are labor only for work performed on your firearm and do not include parts or materials unless noted otherwise. All prices and specifications are subject to change.

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