Fletcher Custom Pistols, LLC Custom work on 1911 pistols, Browning Hi-Powers and Smith & Wesson revolvers

Gun-Kote polymer finish is the only finish done in-house; it is extremely durable and corrosion resistant.
From my experience with GunKote, the only colors offered are Flat Black, Semi-gloss Black and Stainless Steel.

CeraKote is an alternative for a polymer finish and is available in a variety of colors.
This  work is generally perfomed by a third party.

Any finish you would like that is not listed below is subject to third party pricing and turnaround time.

Additional costs may be incurred to repair surface defects such as scratches, dents, dings, rust, plating removal, etc..

All third party finishes will also incur additional actual shipping costs to/from the  finisher and is subject to their
pricing and delivery schedules.
Semi-Auto Pistol Finishes

GunKote Entire Pistol                                                                                                                                     $245.00
Stainless Steel Pistol - Matte Glass Bead Blast                                                                                                $125.00
Stainless Steel Pistol - Polished Flats, Matte Radii                                                                                           $175.00

Revolver Finishes

GunKote Entire Revolver                                                                                                                                $245.00
Stainless Steel Revolver - Matte Glass Bead Blast                                                                                           $175.00

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