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"It arrived and looks great. Trigger is excellent. Plan to shoot it tomorrow. I am loading up some 357 ammo right now in fact. Great job. Thank you much."
J.B. - Florida

"I have been participating regularly in a local IPSC-style fun shoot with the FM Detective 9mm you did some work on a while back.  I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed shooting this firearm and appreciate the fine work you did on it.  It is a pleasure to shoot and is a bit of a conversation starter.  Folks seem quite curious about what it is and can tell it's "not stock".  Then  I tell them about you......
I think of you every time I shoot what has become my favorite, go-to gun.  Thanks again for making it unique for me!"
W.H. - Virginia

"Got back from the range this afternoon and after 250 rounds, not one jam or failure of the slide to lock back after the last round.
Accurancy was dead on.  Double taps at 15 yards were within 4 inches of each other.  Excellent work!!  It was such a change from the previous gunsmith that worked on my gun. I spent over 500.00 and basically had a paperweight after I got it back.  Thanks again for your good work."
R.L. - Maryland

"Just received my S&W .357 M&P revolver; what a beautiful job!  The trigger package that you did for me was fantastic!  It pulls smooth, clean, and is much lighter.  Just what I wanted.  The whole gun, after you got through with it, just seems better in every aspect.  Thanks for the terrific work."
H.S. - Michigan

"The more I have used the BHP you crafted for me the more I appreciate this pistol. It is truly a joy to shoot. It's been nearly a year since I received it back from you and as much as I love the feel of a BHP I never considered that it could be made to function as well as this one. You did a magical job. Thank you very very much."
R.N. - Arizona

"It just arrived.  How sweet it is!!!!  Actually I'm just getting ready to leave for my monthly IDPA match so I'll try it tonight!.  Thanks a lot."
S.R. - California

"Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful work you did on my Colt.  It turned out better than I expected."
T.J. - Virginia

"I'm extremely pleased with the work; especially the trigger.  It's like night and day from the stock one.  The pistol came out as I envisioned and you can't ask for more than that.  I can't wait to shoot it this holiday weekend."
S.M. - Lousiana

"I not only received it, I am amazed at what you did to it.  I've worked as a quality control inspector for 20 years so I'm use to looking at flaws in parts.  Your workmanship is awesome; I am dying to get to the range and try it out."
C.P. - Michigan

"Richard, you have done a wonderful job.  I can't believe it is the same gun."
R.F. - Georgia

"I want to thank you for building my 1911 carry pistol.  It took a while but it was worth the wait.  Thank you for all of your advice in the beginning on the selection of the pieces and parts required to assemble a great carry pistol.  It has worked flawlessly with reloads and factory ammo.  It's going to be a joy to shoot for years to come.  It gets a lot of attention when I'm out shooting with friends and I am more than happy to tell them who built it and what a great job you did."
D.S. - Arizona

"Only one word . . . . . AWESOME!!!!!!!!"
I.L. - Louisiana

"Took the .45 to the range Saturday morning.  Shot a one inch group of five at 25 yards, that's after a little sight adjustment.  The day was overcast, and just a wee bit windy.  It shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger.  I am very pleased with the way it turned out.  You did a great job."
T.M. - Virginia

"I received the pistol yesterday; looks great; thank you so much."
L.H. - New York

"I received my Colt today.  Thank you for the excellent job you did on it."
C.C. - Pennsylvania

"The pistol is just great.  The trigger is crisp, the grip safety feels just like I expected, and the stippling adds the needed friction."
H.Y. - Virginia

"I am writing this note to express my thanks and appreciation for the work you did on my Smith & Wesson 625, with a 5" barrel, in .45 ACP caliber.  Since receiving the revolver, I put well over two-thousand rounds through it and love it!  The sight picture, trigger pull, etc. are terrific.  It is my favorite revolver!  The revolver functions flawlessly.."
R.H. - Wisconsin

"Just a note to say thank you.  As I stated before, I waited over 30 years to pick a firearm to have customized to my exact specifications.  The pictures you sent prove to me I made the right choices - gun and gunsmith!  I'm absolutely sure she will shoot as sweet as she looks."
K.G. - Mississippi

"I went to the range to test the Kimber in three sessions.  Before I couldn't get through 50 rounds without a jam.  Now, it's like having my old Kimber back.  I now have confidence in this firearm."
C.C. - Virginia

"Not only does it look great, it functions without flaw.  I can't tell you how pleased I am.  I just got back from the range and I was able to put 350 rounds down range with zero malfunctions.  No FTF/FTE, no double feeds, and the slide locked back at empty on each magazine.  Thanks again for the superb work."
T.L. - Virginia

"I went out Friday to sight in the S&W for the ammo I use.  Saturday was the last action shoot for the year using a revolver.  The gun performed awesome.  The action is fantastic and the sights worked very well for  me.  I showed several people the gun and they were as impressed as I am with the quality of the work you did.  I won't ever get rid of this one.  By the way, I took third in revolver and bested two masters."
T.C. - Kansas

"Received the guns back today.  Very impressed with the work on the 586.  Exceeded all my expectations.  I have more projects in the works . . . I'll be in touch."
G.K. - Maryland

"I got my 1911 back this past weekend.  Not only am I satisfied, but I found the work to be outstanding.  And the bill to be reasonable.  Thank you for the professional, excellent work.  I have  a couple more I am considering sending you for improvement."
R.H. - Virginia

"I received my pistol yesterday.  It looks great and shoots great.  I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out.  I also really like your choice of parts you installed.  All very good quality.  I think it will be the gun of a lifetime.  I will recommend you to anyone who needs work done.  Again thanks."
R.T. - Virginia

"Received my revolver yesterday.  I am very pleased with the results of your work.  You did a great job!  Thank you for your quick response to my emails and your commitment to deliver the finished product in a timely manner.  When I'm asked the question, my answer will be "Yes, I know a great gunsmith".  You are truly a professional."
J.S. - Tennessee

"I just got back in from shooting and had to tell you how happy I am with the pistol.  "Excellent" is the only word that comes to mind when describing the quality in both appearance and performance.  Feel free to use me if you ever need your praises sung."
B.K. - Virginia

"The Model 51 is as smooth as silk on glass.  It's excellent!  So far I've only had the chance to try it with plastic dry-firing dummies in it, but the hammer and trigger and all else seem just perfect.  Thank you for doing such a nice job."
A.D. - Maryland

"FedEx just delivered the package.  My hands were shaking so bad while opening the box that I had to stop and take a deep breath.  However, I persevered, much to my delight.  That trigger job is hard to put into words.  It is so smooth and crisp that I am not even aware of when exactly the hammer falls.  I am sure to be the envy of anyone who shoots this pistol.  Provided of course that I let anyone else shoot it."
I.P. - North Carolina

"I received my Colt today and it looks better than I thought it would.  You did a truly wonderful job.  I cannot wait to shoot it.  Thank you for all of your help.  Keep up the GREAT work."
D.F. - North Carolina

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